1 Set Cheat Ninja Saga Instant Mission Chunin/Jounin TP Mission 40 tp 1 hari EXP= 1m, 2m, 5m

Tools: Fiddler
swf file: Download SWF File
pass: dungeonmax619

*Instant Mission Chunin/Jounin
*TP Mission= 40 tp = 1 hari
*EXP= 1m, 2m, 5m

Kage Room
*Ultimate EXP= "Grade A"
*TP Hack= "Grade B"
*Chunin/Jounin Exams= "Grade C"

*For The Exp Hack is For Lvl 60 Only to Fast Leveling Pets...
*For Chunin Exam, Its for only lvl20 (Genin), Finish ONLY Chunin Exam part 5 then refresh your page.. Go to Kage Room C again then Finish Chunin Exam 1-4 there a EXP 10k to lvl faster
*For Jounin Is Desame With Chunin Exam i tried it and it works but in my other account it fails..gudluck for those lucky.. xD
*For Tp Only 40 TP a Day it would Error when you tried to finish it Twice Badly..

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